Everything starts today

• 2 min read

Skateboarder about to start skating

I like meditation, but I never do it. I did manage my at-best-annual session recently. The session spoke of approaching life as if you’d just arrived here on earth, straight into your life. Without all the past baggage. Without the pre-built neural pathways. What if you just took things on present facts and acted accordingly. How would your reactions differ? I found this surprisingly enlightening and reassuring.

While attempting meditation, I probably shouldn’t have quickly made it all about work. But I did. It is a helpful lens.

I’ve spent the past god-knows-how-long working in the startup world. I love it. I also hate it sometimes. It’s a never-ending stream of hard problems. Every success uncovers the next hard problem, then feels less like a success. It’s hard not to be beaten down by it from time to time.

It’s supposed to be this way.

This is a note to self to say this is ok. Normal. Good. This is progress. Aristotle famously wrote, “The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know." This is why new ideas always seem alluring because you haven’t uncovered the hard edges yet. You can’t get anywhere worthwhile without hard work and perseverance. It is supposed to be hard.

So here’s the point. Take each day as it comes. Approach it knowledge in hand, but without past fears and biases. Make it your goal to end every day better than you started. Each week better than the last. Each month… ah, you get the point.

Make sure you celebrate the successes. They are what it’s all about.

Let’s begin. Again.